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Activity Days

Activity Days are locally-held events where a coordinator works with participants to help them engage with ideas that directly affect how they interact with the world. These ideas include everything from healthy communication to practical finance management. The larger goal is to help young people understand what it means to be a successful adult and help them understand how they can build this life for themselves.

Activity Days generally take place across two sessions:

  • Morning – Interactive discussion where the coordinator works to understand what ideas participants have about success in different areas of life, then shares some of the main ideas for the day and discusses them in an open Q&A-style environment.
  • Afternoon – Guided sessions through the Wheels of the Wise board game, allowing participants to engage and deal with situations they might encounter in the real world and see how their choices affect their lives in the short- and long-term.

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Wheels of the Wise

Wheels of the Wise is a board game that teaches practical life skills in a fun, engaging way. It helps young people work through events and situations they might encounter in the real world, showing them how they can make decisions that lead to a happier and more fulfilled life.

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