Adulting 101 for unschoolers


Board games and online courses that help unschoolers learn how to adult.

Set your kids up today for satisfying relationships tomorrow.


Wait, you’re just some random guys on the Internet! Why should I trust you?

We’re Geoff and John, and we’ve both learned to thrive in spite of the formal education we received.

Name: John Bardinelli

Background: John is a former high school dropout who has had a 20 year career as a content writer.

He owns a website in the video games industry and has worked with leading gaming companies such as Xsolla.

Name: Geoff Walters

Background: Geoff turned his life around after a pointless liberal arts degree, resulting in a successful business exit.

He has been designing board games as a hobby since the age of 10.

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What is a “Universal Owl?”


The owl is the traditional symbol of the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena. 

We seek to teach adulting wisdom that is both universal and timeless.

And we think philosophy is cool 🙂

Hence we chose to call our business “Universal Owl.”